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What is the link between running and the homeless?

Immersion/Trench Foot

Immersion/Trench Foot

Trench Foot has been around since 1812 and it is still very much a problem of today.  If your foot is damp or wet and cold for anything more than a few hours then you can begin to suffer from the symptoms of immersion foot.

If you are a runner or just want to know more… just click


Hyper-mobile or Double-jointed – not the fun it used to be

I used to meet double-jointed people and think they were fascinating and entertaining.  The fact that they could click their joints, bend their thumb and have digits pointing at very odd angles was like watching an uncomfortable magic show. I would enjoy seeing this and marvelling  at the ability of the human body.

Today, working with feet, I see it somewhat differently! [Read more]


Why You Need to Look After Yourself and Your Feet if You Have Diabetes

You meet a lot of people these days that are diabetic or pre-diabetic.  In fact I was guilty of beginning to think that diabetes wasn’t too serious as all these people were living, working and socialising in the groups I was, with little visible signs of illness. Surely having diabetes couldn’t be too serious.  I was WRONG!  [Read More]


Would you feel better if you knew your parents feet were in good hands?

Mobility is really important as we get older.  Peoples outcomes are improved (a sophisticated way of saying people live longer and better) if they can maintain mobility.  If people are mobile then they can be social and seeing and being with people is really important to health and mental health.  Being able to shop for yourself and participate in community or family events is hugely important to us all.

So how do we keep peoples feet healthy and maintain mobility for as long as possible? Click here to find out


Foot Massage – Necessity or Just Nice to Have?

I finish my foot health appointments with a massage and my clients appreciate the feel good feeling that stays around after a good massage.  But why do I think it’s important?  Well I can think of 6 benefits to a foot massage some of which are critical if you are athletic at all, or you carry an injury or illness or even if you are just getting older. [Read More]


Helping your feet recover from long distance running

If you have the running bug then you may find you suffer with a couple of common foot conditions as you increase you distance.  Read on to see how you can help your feet. [Read more]



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