I’m Karen and I’m passionate about you having healthier feet.

If you are looking for Chiropody or Podiatry services,  then a Foot Healthcare Professional may be able to help you.

I provide a foot healthcare service in Colchester,  and surrounding areas including Tendring and Ipswich, offering treatments in the comfort of your own home.

I am qualified to work with the elderly, the young and anybody in-between.

I am experienced in working with people with disability and also skilled at working with age related conditions such as dementia and Parkinson’s Disease.  I am also qualified to provide quality safe treatments for people with diabetes.

I cut and file nails, thin thickened nails, treat corns, hard skin, verruca, ingrowing toe nails, fungal infections and diabetic feet.  All treatments come with free conversation and a full soothing foot massage and nail conditioner.

Do you want to raise money for a good local cause or charity?  Luxury Foot Pamper Evening are great fun.  Aloe Vera based products, foot massages all round and raising money for charity.

Call me to find out more on 01255 258236 or 07971 525688 or email me at karen@healthiersoles.co.uk

I look forward to working with you.